Whether you are an established artist or just getting started, Godistro can help you take your career into your own hands and start dealing your music on over 150+ Playstores worldwide.

  1. Create an account with your valid information
  2. Create a Payoneer Account for receiving your income
  3. Upload your music send your release to stores
    and that’s it…


We’ll send your music to the stores and streaming services where you want to be available, and put every penny of your sales earnings right into your TuneCore account. It’s never been easier to get your music out there.


It’s never been more straightforward to get your music on stores and real-time features, and
begin generating cash from your Music. Follow these steps to begin
1 You Upload Your Music

Upload your tracks, Artwork and Release Information quickly and easily. In
addition to Sportify, Apple Music, Amazon, iTunes and choose from 150+
additional digital store and streaming services.

2 Your Song is Sent to Stores

Godistro will send your delivery to the chose stores in general and real time
features around the world. Begin selling your music online quicker than
some other assistance. The sooner your music is live in stores, the sooner
you can get playlisted and streamed.

3 You Get Paid

Each time you get streamed Sportify. Each download of your music on
iTunes. You get compensated, and we put your cash straightforwardly into
your Payoneer account. Godistro never keeps a level of your deals income.